Feature: BOFLEX SPORTS FLOOR Peak Performance in a Versatile Hardwood Floor System

October 15, 2010

Looking for a wood sport floor system? Looking for a wood floor system that offers excellent shock absorption and resiliency? Looking for a wood floor system that is easy to maintain, lasts a long time, and is cost efficient? Look no further... BOFLEX!

The Boflex Wood Sport Floor system is the result of over 25 years of testing to perfect the ultimate in a pre-finished, high performance engineered hardwood sport floor system. Boflex has been engineered to accommodate the high demand for quality hardwood floor surfacing for aerobics studios, group ex rooms, basketball courts, dance studios, and a variety of other applications. Boflex is now the economical choice for a multi-use hardwood sport floor.

Utilizing a patented resilient foam channel understructure, Boflex is a unique floor system with the progressive resilience for safety, performance and comfort. The shock absorption channels allow even small children or lightweight athletes to gain immediate resilience. Tests carried out by numerous international sports institutes show that Boflex surpasses its rivals when it comes to shock absorption. The fact that Boflex exceeds all the requirements of D.I.N. standards is a testimony to the quality and engineering of this flooring system.

Features and Benefits

The majority of experts state that indoor sports flooring properties should be tested for shock absorption. The goal of the Boflex system is to work well for all user groups. Boflex is designed to be as well suited for children's activities as it is for withstanding the weight of a heavy grandstand. Due to its engineered cross-ply construction, Boflex is proven to be 70% more dimensionally stable when compared to solid hardwood floors, and the foam channel understructure creates a progressive resilience that allows athletes and users of all sizes to achieve cushioning.

The Boflex system can not be overloaded. The material evazoate 50 is a cross-linked, closed cell system (layers not laid parallel). This shock-absorption material can only be compressed to a maximum of 50%- this means that a Boflex floor can never be over-loaded. The construction can withstand an almost unlimited load.

Boflex unloaded:

  The wood rests on each alternate Evazoate strip

Boflex normal loaded:

  Whether all or alternate Evazoate strips are under restrain is dependent upon the type of Activity.

Boflex heavy loaded:

   The way in which the Evazoate is constructed means that it can never be compressed more than 50%; the floor can withstand several tons of pressure without any damage.

Why an engineered wood system vs. solid hardwood:

   It is critical to understand that both are constructed of hardwood. Solid hardwood floor, typically ¾" thick, is composed of one material all throughout the piece and usually has a top surface of 3/16" to the top of the nail. For instance, for a solid Maple hardwood, what you get is solid Maple from top to bottom with a protruding nail 3/16" into the top of the Maple. Engineered, on the other hand, is made up of multiple layers (plies). The first ply is the prime part of the material, a piece of real wood that is the species you are buying like Maple or Oak. The other layers are made up of different species different from the first layer--a lot like a plywood floor. The layers are typically constructed with a method called cross-ply lamination to enhance the strength of the floor. This construction technique results in a wood floor that is more stable than a solid wood floor. Boflex is 70% more dimensionally stable than a solid wood floor. Stable meaning the floor is less susceptible to shrinkage and expansion movement due to fluctuations in humidity or temperature.

   For any cementitious material--anything made of cement, whether lightweight cement or a concrete slab--the best choice would be an engineered wood. Boflex, a glued, tongue and groove, floating floor system can be installed over existing subfloors such as vinyl, parquet, plywood, concrete and even ceramic tile. Solid hardwood floors must be nailed or stapled and the subfloor must be able to hold the nail or staple. Additional reasons to select an engineered system such as Boflex are for appearance, durability, and ease of installation.

Boflex Details:

   Boflex features a low 1 1/8" profile, which includes a 3/16" prefinished hardwood top layer in Maple, Oak, or Ash. The fully integrated, dual foam channel system is recessed into the backside of the hardwood base construction, which eliminates the chance of the foam being damaged or crushed. With its six coats of factory applied finish, Boflex provides a hard wear layer and safe traction coating for years to come and requires little maintenance.


   The Boflex sport floor system has been tested with 45,000 pound loads without the loss of resiliency to the foam channels or breakdown of the double tongue and groove connection point. comes with a 5-year warranty.


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